More than ten years have past since José León Tornero, one of the most prolific paedophiles in the Murcia region, was first charged.

Yesterday he was back in court to respond to sexual abuses which he imposed on several youngsters in the summer of 2004, taking advantage of the fact he was a football trainer.


José León Tornero – (r)

Despite the fact the prosecutor had asked for more than 35 years in jail he will now be imprisoned with a meagre sentence, less than a fifth requested, with one of the reasons being the excessive time it had taken to come to court.

With his arm in a sling and his face covered by a jacket, José León, arrived at the Murcia Justice Palace visitors’ room to receive his sentence, with which he is an agreement with, six and a half years in prison.

His lawyer, Melecio Castaño, had made an agreement with the Public Ministry and the private prosecution, represented by Felipe Insúa, which avoided his testimony being witnessed by the victims.

He admitted the charge of five counts of using children for pornographic ends, one crime of sexual aggression, one for the corruption of a minor. He also has to pay 3,000 € to each victim.

Outside the room the victims, now in their twenties, had gathered and together exchanged their experiences with this man from Murcia, who already has several previous convictions on his back.

Manuel (name changed) said ‘He gave us Nintendo 64 and puppies to take photos of us naked. We were children and he coerced us’.

Other victims had similar stories, always money was involved, and they are angry at how long this case has taken; they went to Madrid where León still faces open accusations, ‘We had to go to Madrid several times and we are humble people’

Manuel ended by saying, ‘Now I have my life back, and I only want to forget this’.