Police Closer Down Murcia Drug Lab

A cocaine laboratory, which processed drugs from Colombia, has been dismantled in Murcia.

National Police agents and the Guardia Civil have uncovered the organised criminal group who prepared and distributed cocaine from Colombia, according to a Police statement.

During the security services operation a total of 17 people were arrested, fourteen from Colombia, two from Spain and one from Venezuela; all of them aged between 19 and 55, and who are now charged with a crime against public health and belonging to a criminal organisation.

Seven property searches have been carried out in Murcia, Alicante and the Alicante towns of Santa Pola, Sax and Elche, where more than 38 kilos of cocaine was impounded, three vehicles equipped with hiding places, 14,000 € in cash and a revolver with ammunition.

The investigation started last year when the presence of a group from Colombia was reported, considered to be distributing the drug all over Spain. The police became aware last May of a car from Madrid carrying drugs which would be arriving in Murcia; a road block was established on the A7 motorway at Crevillente. They found hidden three kilos of cocaine and arrested the driver.

That led to three property searches, two in Elche and one in Alicante, in which 10,000 € in cash, 20 mobile phones and diverse computer material. Seven were arrested during these searches.

The second phase of the operation started in July where three more searches were carried out, one in Murcia and two in Santa Pola, were 35 kilos of cocaine, 2 kilos of cutting substances, diverse material for preparation and later sale, plus cash, 15 mobile phones and two vehicles with hiding spaces.

In the Murcia search a laboratory was found and dismantled dedicated to the elaboration and adulteration of the drug which had arrived from Colombia, and then a final group of arrests were made, seven from Colombia and one from Venezuela. At the search in Sax, a 357 calibre revolver with ammunition was found, along with ten mobile phones and 2,000 € in cash.

The operation was jointly carried out by the Drugs and Organised Crime Unit (UDYCO), National Police from Alicante and Guardia Civil Judicial Police from Crevillente.