Policeman Loses Hand

A Málaga policeman has lost a hand after a grenade was found in a street market in Sevilla

Two agents from the Tedax (Specialist technicians in the defusing of explosive artefacts) unit of the National Police suffered injuries while manipulating a grenade found in the rastro street market in Sevilla.

A local policeman noticed the grenade on a stall with many other items, and notified the National Police. The Tedax removed the item and took it to their headquarters at Cortijo del Cuartro.

The most seriously injured is a sub-inspector from Málaga who has lost his right hand, and the latest news from the hospital is he is sedated and waiting to enter surgery for a hopeful implantation.

The other agent, who is from Cádiz had fractures in a hand and damage to his face.

It happened at the Cortijo del Cuarto. After a loud explosion the two men ran out of the cubicle where they were trying to defuse the grenade and we helped by their colleagues who used ice to try to stop the bleeding from the injured 38 year old Malagueño.

A 061 ambulance was shortly at the scene and took the two men to the Virgen del Rocio Hospital, were both remain admitted; and their condition according to the hospital is ‘reserved’.

An investigation has been opened into the cause of the accident. (but we are betting that the cause was an exploding grenade)sevillagrenade