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Well, there are a lot of things that we could say are wrong with Spain, but the quality of its beaches is not one of them, which despite the obvious overtures related to attracting holidaymakers – and their money – is at least a positive for the environment and our planet.

So, Spain has achieved its best result ever for the number of blue flags awarded to its beaches and port areas, with 573 for the former and 108 for the latter, making a total of 681.


This means that Spain has more blue flags than any other country in the northern hemisphere putting it above other Mediterranean countries that are popular holiday destinations for the international tourist.

In fact, Spain is actually way above all the other countries when it comes to the number of blue flags awarded to its beaches, as you can see below:

Spain – 573

Greece – 407

Turkey – 397

France – 379

Portugal – 298

After these awards, which have been bestowed by the World Tourism Organisation, this means that every 1 out of every 5 beaches in Spain has a blue flag of quality, and 1 in every 6 blue flags in the world are Spanish.

Whilst the majority of visitors will be unaware of how many blue flags there are in Spain, they will take notice of how clean the beaches they go to are when they are here and how good the facilities are, which is all good for its reputation as a class holiday destination.


The autonomous region with the highest number of blue flags is Galicia, which has 142.

Following Galicia is the Valencia Region, which has a total of 135 flags; Cataluña (113), Andalucía (98), the Balearic Islands (85), the Canary Islands (48), Murcia (33) and Asturias (17).