Currently there are 297,229 people born on British soil living in Spain, although the British Embassy puts the number over 800,000 people who spend part of the year in Spain.

Looking at all foreign nationalities more than 545,000 left last year 10% more than in 2012, leaving the total now at just over five million.

138,000 Germans left last year, 23.8% of the total, 12.7% of the French and a good number of Colombians and Ecuadorians.

It’s not only the foreigners leaving; the Spaniards are leaving to find work.
Last year more than 50,000 Spaniards arrived in the U.K., a number beaten only by the Polish. With unemployment at 26% and youth unemployment at around 55% the Spanish exodus is set to continue.

These things go in cycles. As one set of Britons leave another set arrive.

Last year there was a 36% jump in the number of foreigners purchasing property in Spain, with Britain at the top of the list, finding the cheapest house prices for several years.