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Seville is on alert as a plague of poisonous spiders has appeared in the city.




The Spider is called ·Reclusa Parda” or the “Chilean Recluse Spider”


It can provoke necrosis in the skin and several of those affected have needed surgery.

Necrosis is the name given to un-programmed death of cells and living tissue.


A serious case of necrosis

Expert in the field, Pilar Muñoz, explained the spider originated in the United States, and not ‘so detrimental to heath in the effects it can produce’, but the problem arises in people who are normally sensitive to insect bites, and in that case very serious effects can be seen, such as necrosis of the skin, which can lead to surgery to place skin grafts.



The characteristics of the spider are very peculiar. It can be identified by its brown colour and a darker patch on its head which looks like a violin.
Above that patch it has three eye, the abdomen is fat and the leg are hairy and all of the same length.

The spiders are photophobic so they are usually found inside in areas of low ventilation and little movement. That could be in the garage, in furniture which has not been moved, door and picture frames among others, but mostly they like bathrooms and air vents.

Pilar continued, given a lack of a solution from local administration, I suggest you move the furniture, remove the grill of the air vent, and fumigate with a domestic product. Any small entrances which lead outside can be covered with cling-film. She warned if you do fumigate ensure there is enough ventilation.

A spokesman at Sevilla University has said it is a serious problem and so an official report from the City Hall is needed. They could then proceed in outdoor fumigation, but this spider does not like the garden and so we are concerned they could be inside our homes, as it is their preferred environment.

Locals in the area affected, Dos Hermanas, have called for a solution to the plague or at least to be informed of the protocol to follow to avoid a spider bite.