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The letter below I received from a resident of Camposol, who believes that dog ownership in the community has become a problem. Disclaimer: The views below are not my own! I received this via email and I am interested in what the wider community think.


What a load of C….!!!

Without a doubt over the last eight or nine years the number of residents living on Camposol has gradually been declining whilst at the same time the number of dogs to be seen is on the increase.

It appears that the majority of full time residents feel that they cannot survive without a dog, for whatever reason, with others happy to have sometimes 4 or 5 living with them.

At times you could be excused for thinking  that you had been transported to the set of “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” as once one dogs starts howling and barking it gradually spreads across the urbanisation.

Even worse is the owner who leaves their dog shut up inside whilst they head out shopping or to the bar and as soon as the car draws off the howling and barking starts. Only to end abruptly as the owners car turns in to the street with the owner oblivious to the misery that their  mutt(s) has put the neighbors through.

I have given up on the idea of going for a quiet evening walk as my heart will no longer put up with the shock of a baying dog(s) with teeth showing and saliva dripping trying to rip its way through the gate and attempt to tear me to pieces.  This is normally followed by someone shouting out  “don’t worry he wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

At least in the area I live I must commend dog owners who mostly clear up after their dogs feel it necessary to crap on the foot path or in the road. But this hasn’t resolved another problem.

After giving up on a quiet stroll through the estate because of a faltering heart, I decided to head out in to the campo for a change. The first thing that struck me was the heady smell in the air. Not the smell of the up-wind  pig farm or that of the broken sewage pipes on upper C  Sector but the smell of dog crap.

As I strolled along the well worn path it soon became evident where this smell was coming from. On looking down every few feet there was a pile of dog crap and as I looked across in to the campo there was more and more to be seen. Of course there is no dog crap on the streets as owners now take their dogs in to the campo and let them do their business wherever they feel the need. No need to clean it up as who is there to have a go at them!

A few days later I spoke with the father of two teenagers who will not allow his kids in to the campo to play as they invariably come back with their shoes  covered in crap with all the health issues this potentially brings. He told me that he now prefers to allow the kids to play in the street and put up with a constant winge from a neighbor who thinks  kids shouldn’t be allowed on Camposol. Interesting, as the neighbor is happy to have three dogs in his small two bedroom terrace villa!!

I had a conversation recently with a volunteer from one of the larger dog charities which gave me a insight in to the influx of dogs on Camposol. He told me that currently they had close to 80 stray dogs in their pound and were making space available for a further 10. The problem apparently arises from the Spanish (and in some cases Ex pats) who know of the dog charity and regularly dump their unwanted pets in the local area knowing that they will be cared for.

I don’t dislike dogs. I dislike people who take on a dog without thinking through the consequences of their actions. That means those that want to dispose of it, in some cases, within weeks of owning it and those that then take these dogs on when they are disposed of and then impose the resulting behavior on their neighbors.

This problem, is I’m afraid, escalating out of control on Camposol and for many is becoming an unacceptable imposition on their everyday lives.

The time is now here to either ban all dogs from Camposol or at a minimum action allow a maximum of one per household.

To those that donate to the animal charities I would suggest that your money would be better used given to MABS, FAST or PALS.


An Annonymous Resident