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How to Make an Emergency Call With No Coverage and Without Introducing Your PIN

Did you know that it is possible to make one call to the emergency services when you haven’t introduced your PIN number and when your phone is not in range? Well, yes, it is possible. Remember this information as one day it could possibly save your life.

This is not old news; however, few very people know that it is possible to make an emergency call to the number 112 when you are out of range and haven’t introduced your PIN number.


Since 1988, each European Union country is under the obligation to guarantee that all mobile phone and landline users are able to call 112 free of charge in order to make one emergency call of any type.

This free call to the police, ambulance or fire service is possible:

  • Independent of where you find yourself
  • Even if your phone is without range from your operator, but within the range of another
  • If your phone’s screen is blocked
  • If you don’t know the PIN number of the SIM card or if it has not been introduced

Nevertheless, if you are in an isolated rural or mountainous location – anywhere that is not covered by any operator – it is not possible to make this free emergency call. For this reason, you should always have some other method of notifying an emergency if you find yourself in such a location, and not solely rely on your mobile phone.

If you do need to make this free emergency call, the actual network contacts the nearest emergency call centre to where you are located.

If the call is made from a landline, the emergency call centre will automatically know where the call is coming from.

However, if the call is carried out from a mobile, only the approximate whereabouts of the caller will be known. It will be impossible to pinpoint the exact location.

It is recommended that this information is passed on so that everyone, including children, know how to make this emergency call.

The number 112 is the European emergency number, and once this number has been dialled, it is possible to connect with the different emergency departments: National Police (091), Local Police (092), Fire Brigade (080) and the Ambulance Service (061).