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A YOUNG motorist wanted by Spanish traffic police after uploading a video onto youtube of himself driving from the passenger seat has given himself up.

He has since been released with a caution.

The 21-year-old French national, a student born in and living permanently in Tarragona, was shown close-up in sunglasses, yawning and saying, “someone turn the music down.”

It was clear from the video he was lounging in the passenger seat of a moving car, but then the video homed in on the empty driver’s seat and showed how he was moving the steering wheel with one outstretched hand whilst filming himself on his mobile phone with the other.

His feet were stretched across to operate the pedals, and an oncoming lorry was shown.

National Police called for the assistance of the public in finding the driver, showing a photo of him on its Twitter page with the slogan: “Let’s not let anyone mess with your life or anyone else’s on the road. Let’s find him.”

The video had already had 15,000 hits by the time the youngster gave himself up, by which time the police had received over 40 emails from members of the public in less than a day and a half.

Officers went to the driver’s student house in Castelldefels (Barcelona province), but he was not in.

Aware that he was on the wanted list, the young man wiped the video from youtube and took himself to the National Police station in La Verneda (Barcelona province) of his own volition, accompanied by his solicitor.

After being questioned, he was given a metaphorical slap on the wrist and released without charges.

Although he has not made any comments, the driver’s solicitor told the national press that his client ‘regretted’ the incident.