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POLICE in Murcia  have confiscated 14,000 cannabis shrubs in one illegal plantation – the highest-ever found in Spain in one place.

They found the hash ‘allotment’ in Esparragal, near Puerto Lumbreras, distributed between four huge greenhouses on a piece of land of around 5,000 square metres, which had been set up to look like a vegetable farm.

It had gone unnoticed for a considerable length of time because it was in an isolated rural area surrounded by numerous farms with greenhouses, but a burglary at a neighbouring plantation leading to the arrest of four known and regular criminals led to police uncovering the massive drug-dealing and production racket.

Two Spaniards and three Moroccans now in custody are said to be expert professionals in marijuana-growing, having created near-scientific methods of cultivating plants with a manually-modified potency level of buds, and rapid growth and increased bloom so that they were ready for harvest and cutting much more quickly, making them much more profitable and the production chain more efficient.